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In The News
September 2012 Edition

Red Eye brings the Café Experience to a Whole New Level

By Catherine BaxterIf you need a place
to grab a great cup of
coffee before hitting
the morning train, want
a place to read a book
while eating a delicious
sandwich or just want a
new café to try, the Red
Eye Café is the place to
go.Located on Walnut
Street in Montclair, the
café is run by Anthony
Brinton. The café is near
the Walnut train station,
making it a great place
for commuters and noncommuters
alike to stop
and grab something to

Brinton describes
the café as “modern
meets classic.” The Red
Eye serves not only
coffee, but food with a
twist: dishes you can’t
find in many other places,
including dishes for
breakfast, lunch, dinner
and brunch on weekends.

It could be said
that Brinton has also
perfected the brewing
process, making hot and
cold coffees alike using
techniques like an overnight
chilling process to
make the perfect beverage.
The coffee is put in
ice overnight, allowing
the coffee to brew for an
extended period of time,
bringing out the flavors
of the coffee even more.

Brinton also comments
on how many
times they have changed
their menu, and that
has been extremely
helpful in reprinting
their updated

However, brewing
coffee and selling foods
such as the Blue Velvet
(a roast beef sandwich
with pickled blueberries
and shallots, Brinton’s
savory-yet-sweet favorite)
aren’t the only things
the Red Eye strives for.

Red Eye Cafe
Check out the new Red Eye Café located at 94 Walnut Street in Montclair, New Jersey.The café includes walls
full of books, outlets for
avid laptop users andover thirty seats, making
this the perfect place for
people to sit down, crack
open a book and enjoy
the signature
Red Eye –
the coffee which the café
was named for.

Although Brinton
himself designed the
café, the Buchholz Architectural
Group also
had a hand in its design.
“They laid out some
plans for what I wanted
and had some great input,”
said Brinton. The
designs decided on made
for one cozy and comfortable

Brinton wants people
to think of the Red
Eye Café as a nice, clean
place to go, but also a
comfortable place. The
Red Eye Café is everchanging
their menu, but
the cozy atmosphere
something they are always
striving to keep.

The Red Eye serves specially-brewed coffee and food with a twist: dishes you can’t find in many other places.

For further information:Red Eye Café
94 Walnut Street
Montclair, NJ 07042
973-509-FOOD Architectural

24-26 Church Street
Montclair, NJ 07042
423 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042